Friday, February 8, 2008

Retail of Elections

I am back after a long break and holiday season is long gone and its election primary season. As the economy tip-toes on a thin line with recession looming large, the country (US in this case) is few steps away from electing its new president. But before that it is walking through a very interesting yard of primaries for nominating a presidential candidate with both the parties (GOP and Dems). I came across a very interesting article by David Brooks of the NY Times on a Retail consultants perspective of the Democratic nominee race (i.e. Hillary v/s Obama). Essentially the consultant (Dr. Retail) compares the candidates with 2 distinct grocery store profiles i.e. the Safeways of the world equated to Hillary and the Whole Foods of the world equated to Obama. One is commodity based and the other is aspirational based. Ofcourse its too simplistic but for all the retail enthusiasts out there just another view through their prism!!!!

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