Monday, August 18, 2008

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It not uncommon these days to see more and more retailers providing "green" options in their stores. With surging energy prices and surging importance that consumers are giving to how eco friendly are the stores they shop from, more and more retailers are jumping on to make more of their offerings "green". The not so new inclusion in this wave has been using more and more renewable energy in running the store. Installing solar panels is one such measure as reported by this recent article (subscription maybe required) in NY Times. Some very interesting points in the article are
  • If Wal-Mart eventually covered the roofs of all its Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart locations with solar panels, figures from the company show that the resulting solar acreage would roughly equal the size of Manhattan, an island of 23 square miles - Wow that can change the look of suburbia...imagine all the stores with black tinted tops gleaming in sunlight. Jokes apart, I wonder how much %age of electricity consumption of the store can it actually take care of. Is this more of an image thing or there is a long run bottomline benefit involved.
  • The current rush apparently is driven by a government deadline at the end of the year to get renewable energy tax credits. As stated by one of the people interview in the article - “Every project that starts development has to be finished by Dec. 31 or you lose tax equity advantage, and nobody’s willing to take that risk,” said George Waidelich, vice president for energy operations at Safeway. “You’re talking about millions of dollars.”
  • One thing that comes across as a little contradictory is the rise in the price of solar panels with greater demand. This might indicate a lag in solar technology manufacturing ramp up.
  • And finally a basic difference between us and our friends across the pool - "American retailers are following the lead of stores in Europe, which are much further along. Store-roof projects are so numerous in parts of Germany that they can be spotted in satellite photos. Government subsidies there, however, have lasted for years."

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